Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter is 'Roast Beasties' time

What is it about the cold that makes me want to roast large hunks of various meats in the oven?? Not that the pups are complaining at all....

16 Dec 2010 - FS Road

We explored one of the forest service roads that heads north toward shaver. Snow was already melting off and the dogs ran around like mad for an hour or so.

And then there was this. The Hurricane decided to 'ski' down a short, icy slope on her front paw. Resulting in a bloody, torn up tattered paw. So, the trip was cut short, and thus began the tote of shame.....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 Dec 2010 - Swanson Meadows...

Warm air and cold snow. A bit too slushy for skiing, but snowshoes worked alright.

Rosie's best 'I'm keepin an eye on you' face....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Musik Meadows, Shaver lake! Snowbeasts!

Lots of deep powder and waaay more effort than I was hopin to put forth. Nothing like a trio of tired pups after a day in the deep stuff.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hurry WINTER!! Where is my snow??

I am soooo ready to break out the skis. We're supposed to get the first good snow up at Shaver Lake, so I am dusting off the gear in the hopes that we get to use it this weekend. Snow + Dogses = happy girl. Flashback pics from last season!!

Sadie at Squaw Leap

The eldest girlchild got to come to work with me yesterday, so we detoured over to Squaw Leap afterward for a midday hike. 72 degrees and sunny!

Sadie Welcomes you, but can't look away from the cow right now

WAIT Fer ME!!!

What is that thing?

umm. not too sure 'bout this....

Stomp 'em and Chomp 'em. That's Sadie's Motto.

Rocks smell gooooooooood

Does this rock make my butt look big?

Noms? Did you bring the noms?

Baby Coluber!! It's squee-worthy around here.