Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snowshoe Dogs become Ski Dogs!

Alright, granted I'm still pretty bad at skiing (even 'snowplow' still seems difficult), but I have to say that it was quite satisfying being able to keep up with the pups for a change. We skied in from Swanson and took the logging road down (that snowplow maneuver came in reaaaally handy) to the lake. The descent seems way steeper when you are strapped on to a pair of x-country skis, and I only ate it twice on the way down (clinging to trees doesn't count, right?) When we hit the shoreline I changed out to my snowshoes, mostly because if I'd gone any farther, the odds of an impromptu swim increased dramatically. The skis attach nicely to the side of my pack and I tromped back up the hill with one very tired dog (Sadie) and one very ecstatic dog (the Zig). I hadn't previously considered the fact that, as my endurance increases, so does Ziggys. Thus, what used to wear him out quickly and efficiently is now a cakewalk and longer/more strenuous endeavors are now required. He's still worn out, but mostly because he ran up and down the 2 mile long hill about twenty times more than I did. I also blame him for one of my wipe outs on the way down...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Osprey Cove, Shaver Lake

One of my favorite places to be. Our good friend Ingrid joined us for some snowshoeing. The snow was soft powder in the open, crunchy under the trees and there was plenty of it. The pups ran helter skelter for almost 2 hours and are now sleeping it off. Not much sun, but not much wind, either. Temp hovered around 40 and we never saw any signs of people (although we heard a snowmobile off somewhere in the distance once or twice). We trekked across Swanson and then caught the trail down to Osprey. The dogs saw water and immediately decided that meant swim. Thankfully they just tiptoed around in the shallows, so their boots kept them dry.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Millerton Lake swimming

We spent 2 hours this morning up at the end of skyharbour. The lake is so low that there are tons of rocks and features to scope out and lots of running space. The sun was shining and we only saw 2 other fishermen that were leaving as we arrived. There were several cars with empty bike racks in the parking area, so presumably several people were taking advantage of the trails around pincushion.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I finally caved in

and am reading the dog whisperer's book "Be the Pack Leader". I have come to realize that somehow, when I have both dogs out together, I become more 'friend of the pack' than 'leader of the pack'. Thus, I am going to have to work on being more 'calm, assertive' when dealing with the pups. And thus the experiment begins....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Swanson Meadows with the pack!

Today was 'snowshoe training, part deux' and we were lucky enough to be joined by the Olsen family and their 2 girls, Kaya and Sierra. Nothing is more fun than watching happy dogs romp! And more good news... The Zig has finally accepted the indignity of wearing booties and is now looking for even better ways to get into trouble....

Post-Trek Picnic Lunch. Table with a view.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lost Lake Jaunt

Well, it's been foggy and dreary most of the day, but we did manage a late afternoon jaunt to lost lake for some swimming and squirrel chasing. Alas, Ziggy (aka the stealth bomber) has still not figured out the stealth part and insists on making a high-pitched whining noise as soon as he spots a squirrel. The squirrel, of course, then disappears before zig manages to get within a half mile of it. Doh.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Millerton Lake - SJ River

Had the pups up for a run this morning. Started at the old corral off Skyharbour, took the trail straight up and over the ridge and then back down into one of the drainages so the pups could swim. The (very low) shoreline was also very muddy, should dry out in a day or so and be less slip and slidey. No humans in sight.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Snowshoe Day!

Made the first snowshoe trip of the winter season up to Swanson Meadows. Deep powder and 2 hours of sun (until another storm rolled in). And not another soul in sight. Aww Yeah.