Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mount Nelson - 27 July

The Zig and I decided that we need an environ where our brains get even less O2 than they do now. So, up we went.... 10,236ft Mount Nelson.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

19th July - Ziggy overnights in the Kaiser Wilds

Well, I only had 2 days off to get out of town, so I decided to do an overnight in the wilds. The Zig got the nod to come along since he has already been pack trained and is the most athletic of the 3 kids. We started out near Sample Meadow and hiked in to Upper Twin Lake through the creeks and meadows. It was already late afternoon when we got in and there was no one around, so we found a nice sheltered place to make camp and spent the night at just under 10,000 ft in elevation with gorgeous views of the lake on one side and the backcountry on the other. The Zig did marvelously and is maturing nicely (although chipmunks still make him crazy....)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

6th July - Kaiser Wilderness near Sample Meadows

The pup has to start learning about the high country sometime. July 6th seemed like the day. We drove up to Kaiser, slathered on some bug spray and headed down the trail.

Co-Pilot Dog says "You missed the turn for McDonalds"

Bratty sister wants to see too.

At the trailhead

Can't go 5 minutes without getting in trouble...

This looks suspiciously like exercise

Flowers? What flowers?

Keeping the ducks in a row

Sadie fishing, Zig being..... well. Zig.

The Epic Chipmunk Battle Begins...

Sticks are more interesting than rodents

The last, crusty, dirty patch of snow...

It's like a drug