Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shaver Lake Daytrip

So part of the fun of adding a new member to the household is introducing  them to all the mountain dog activities that they've probably never seen before. Astro, the 140lb chicken, is finally learning to like car rides (after numerous trips to in-n-out and to see his favorite uncle and anything else he likes to positively reinforce him.

So last week we ventured up to Shaver Lake to let the other two furkids swim and run around like wild beasts and to expose Astro to the idea that water isnt necessarily a terrifying thing...... Hakuna matata.

Last one in is a rotten egg!

 The nervous froth face as he watches the crazy dogs run straight in....


'Baby' brother is confused. 

Ziggy goes for the long distance swim

You wouldn't think a 3-legged dog, 90lb dog would swim like a fish, but you'd be wrong.

What? Rosie may be part sealion. Hard to tell.

Who knows what's going on in that head. He did put his front feet in the water,
so we call it a win for his first lake day.

Till next time, mountain dog fans.

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